About New Horizons Wireless

New Wireless is a broadband communications company that focuses on servicing the rural non-served and underserved communities in northern New York. New Horizons Wireless specializes in delivering affordable high-speed internet solutions to residents, businesses, and local government facilities. New Horizons Wireless focus is to service the rural communities where provision of service it is not cost effective for traditional internet service providers. New Horizons Wireless technology allows a high-speed broadband connection via a wireless signal from our strategic locations. This network is available to our North Country friends and neighbors. New Horizons Wireless is located in Lisbon, New York.

Corporate Vision

New Horizons Wireless thrives on a commitment to innovative technology, understanding the customers needs, excellent customer service, and strong community support. New Horizons is passionate about delivering quality products at affordable price with outstanding performance metrics. We are dedicated to providing a wireless network that delivers broadband access to the last mile. Our most valued assets are the relationships we form with our corporate partners and our customers within the community.

Service Benefits

New Horizons Wireless is crossing new frontiers by investing in new technologies to bring broadband to the rural communities. New Horizons Wireless has adopted these wireless technologies to bring practical and affordable high speed internet to areas where virtually no options are available or are offered at a high cost. Due to our extensive research on the best technologies to deliver quality service at a reduced cost, New Horizons is able to pass the savings on to the customer base.

Our Future

Looking at the future, New Horizons is committed to providing excellent customer service, quality products at an affordable price, while utilizing todays most advanced wireless technologies to provide Quality Of Service.